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This site contains a repository of information about my attempts to build ECG machines (also known as EKG machines) from spare parts and retired medical equipment. It also contains some reviews of old equipment.

ecgmark1 My first project, the first home made ECG

ECGmk2 See my middle project, my second home made ECG

ECGmk2 See my latest ECG, the ECG number 3

FreeECGthumb View screenshots for and download FreeECG v1.1
Development Project Get involved in new ECG Open Source projects

Dosimeter ID-1 Ex Soviet Dosimeter Review

DP5B thumbnail DP-5B Ex Soviet Geiger Counter Review

Why build an ECG? There are three reasons.

1) It's a major challenge - technologically difficult & a bit of an engineering puzzle.
2) It's damn interesting.
3) There is huge potential to use outdated 'broken' medical gear to produce diagnostic equipment for the third world. Think about it - it's better than landfill.