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Since building this site, I have been pleased to receive a great deal of correspondence from enthusiasts.

Most have been requests for source code, some have been technical questions, and several have been requests for more information and information on other projects surrounding both ECG and diagnostic software development.

I have been informed that a number of open source projects are being set up, although they have not yet been published. I will link to them as soon as they are set up and ready to go.

From here the chief projects are:

  1. Software development, including support for multiple simultaneous leads (12) and diagnostic indications. The former is likely to be easier than the latter.
  2. Hardware development, including the creation of a simple USB ecg, much the same as a USB memory stick. Plug and play. This is likely to be a complex project unless the ECG is built upon an existing USB sound card.
  3. Combinations of the above.

All are tremendously promising, and community input is needed to get them off the ground. It should be mentioned that the people proposing these are ‘can do’ types who have already made software/hardware solutions and are looking to refine and hone them.

If you have an interest in being involved, email me at: